Kartanon Mittakaluste Ltd. delivers furniture for communities and individuals


artanon Mittakaluste Ltd has started production of furniture in 1993. We manufacture mainly public buildings fixtures, sub-contracting is also one of our business areas. Among our clients are. municipalities, cities, government, construction companies and manufacturers of office furniture.

The manufacturing process can only begin as set out in the order received. As a rule, production took place for architects and other designers to plan. High-quality design and installation service to our customers receive the ordered products are just, properly designed and installed.


Our furniture facing first-class materials and workmanship

Our company philosophy has been to produce on time, high-quality, customized furniture with competitive price, not to mention well-being of our employees. Economically viable, long-term operation is a necessity for our customers' point of view, to be responsible for our actions by the project, at least the warranty period. Family enterprises are known to be a quarter of a quarterly. Production is the most part known. plate furniture, as an example we can mention the large hospital or nursing home projects; we use other materials in addition to solid wood, metal, glass, non-unique materials such as Durant and Corian.